Dear members and supporters

With the previous newsletter we informed you about our decision to build own school facilities. This decision followed a careful and detailed analysis together with the local management as we have been informed that the current lease contract can not be renewed.

Having our own school facility is the most sustainable solution as it substantially reduces the fixed costs in the long run.

As you can see from below pictures, construction is nearly done and we target a move to the new facility already this year. The fast construction period was also supported by the fact that this year’s  monsoon rain was mild and work had not to be stopped for long.

Our school currently employs 13 teachers, covering the evening classes in English and IT as well as the full time kindergarten. Currently, well over 200 students are registered.

The school aims to provide children a real chance to apply for fairly paid jobs, e.g. in the tourism industry where English and IT knowledge is a key requirement. Many children are still exposed to poverty; some  facing sexual abuse and child prostitution on a regular basis.   

We would like to thank you very much for your generosity. Your contribution allowed us to build this school facility, providing children with the well needed education.

Michael Häne, President of the Foundation Toul-Ampil
Christoph Häne, Chief Treasurer 
Tanja Bosshard, Vice President

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