Toul Ampil Educational Training Center is fully dependent on private financing, yet possesses an accreditation from the Ministry of Education. The current leasing contract expires in 2018. Renewal of this contract would be very costly so that the founder, Mr Kakada Chhim and the board members of the Swiss foundation for support of Toul Ampil agreed to purchase a building. In the long run, the school’s running costs will decrease substantially, enabling sustainability.

Now we reach out to you for your support and contribution in paying down the debt.

Your donation of USD 100.00 makes a difference!

Dear supporter

We are convinced that we can put together the sum of USD 25’000 by the end of January 2017 thanks to your generosity and support in providing education to 280 young students in Cambodia.

Cambodia faced a very brutal civil war, including genocide. Amongst others, the educational system collapsed. Education does not just include maths and languages in its pure format but rather provides the required conditions for a better understanding of life and society.

USD 100.00 – to us a decent dinner with our beloved one. For a student at Toul Ampil Educational Training Center a life-changing experience thanks to free or cheap access to education.

Do we find nearly 250 people willing to support this initiative? Willing to change the life of Cambodian children of the present and the future? We are convinced we will!

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